Thousands of volunteers pose with Borobi during the ‘Thank The Volunteers’ night held to celebrate the work of the Games Shapers during the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on April 21, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia.

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The City of Hamilton has been invited to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games

These reimagined games will provide this city – our city – with more than just 15 minutes on the world stage. Hosting will provide us with an unprecedented and immediate path to revival.

The Games are slated to have a smaller footprint in 2026. They will be more economical and will require far less government support. They will stimulate infrastructure development across all of Hamilton, provide contracts for local businesses, bring in thousands of new full-time jobs, create more affordable housing and boost our tourism. They will also upgrade or create new athletic and recreation centres across our community and improve the transportation infrastructure in Hamilton. And they’ll do it with a bid that comes at no cost to taxpayers.

We’re not just drawing up a game plan. We’re charting our growth plan. The 2026 Commonwealth Games will give those who work, live and love here an opportunity like no other. This is our moment, Hamilton. It’s our time to win. And turn steel into gold


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