Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games are an international, multi-sport event that is held every four years as a celebration of sports excellence and cultural expression. Participants attend from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories to compete in 16 designated sports, with up to four additional optional sports that are selected by the host city.

Who is Hamilton 2026 and what does the organization do?

Hamilton 2026 is a broad-based coalition of sport organizations, educators, social development agencies, businesses and dedicated city builders who have joined together to bring the 2026 Commonwealth Games to Canada.

What sports will be included in the Hamilton 2026 Commonwealth Games?

We will release sport information on this website once further details become available. This information will also be promoted through our social media and local media.

Why is Hamilton pursuing the 2026 Games instead of 2030?

In March 2020, Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) named Hamilton as Canada’s Candidate City for the 2030 Commonwealth Games. Shortly after this selection the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) offered Hamilton an unprecedented and exclusive offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games outright (no international bid competition). Hosting a smaller 2026 Commonwealth Games reduces the overall public investment compared to a 2030 Commonwealth Games, and it realizes games related sustainable benefits and legacies sooner.