The Game Plan


The Game Plan
Hamilton 2026

Our Game Plan

Hamilton has been selected as Commonwealth Sport Canada’s preferred candidate city to host the Commonwealth Games. Originally, we were working to compete globally for the right to host 2030. Now, we are being gifted the right to host the Games in 2026, subject only to securing government support.

Commonwealth Sport Canada and the Commonwealth Games Federation are deeply invested in, and need Hamilton’s commitment to host the 2026 Games.

With this in mind, our hosting plan will deliver:
• A smaller, more flexible Games plan that costs less and delivers greater value
• A more generous revenue share for the City of Hamilton
• More leverage in negotiations with senior levels of government
• Greater immediate investment of financial resources
• The opportunity to host 2026 and also to participate in 2030 with “in Hamilton” programming
• An opportunity to incent and invite much greater private sector engagement
• The ability to resource and advance Hamilton’s strategic priorities at no cost to the City
• The opportunity to align regional transportation infrastructure investment
• Zero costs to compete with other cities for the right to host the Games

Behind the scene with the Hamilton 2026 includes the following community leaders

Volunteer Leaders

P. J. Mercanti

Lou Frapporti

Ron Foxcroft

Greg Maychak

Cecelia Carter-Smith

S. Jasper Kujavsky

Mark Wu

Therese Quigley

Scott Moore

City of Hamilton Council

Judi Partridge – Councillor–Ward 15

Esther Pauls – Councillor – Ward 7

Terry Whitehead – Councillor – Ward 14

Community Members

Gowlings WLG

McMaster University

Mohawk College

Redeemer University

Hamilton Health Sciences