Steel to Gold


The Huddle | Episode 1


It’s time to turn
Steel To Gold

The City of Hamilton has been invited to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Hosting the Commonwealth Games in Hamilton will deliver pandemic relief, create jobs, give rise to affordable housing and regenerate our economy.

These re-imagined games will provide this city – our city – with more than just 15 minutes on the world stage. Hosting will provide us with an unprecedented and immediate path to revival.

We’re not just drawing up a game plan. We’re charting our growth plan. The 2026 Commonwealth Games will give those who work, live and love here an opportunity like no other.

This is our moment, Hamilton. It’s our time to win. And turn steel into gold.


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Community Ambassador Toolkit

Be an ambassador of Hamilton 2026! In this Toolkit, we provide you with all the information you need to promote the Games vision to friends, colleagues, sports teams, and other community groups. You can download the Community Ambassador Toolkit here.

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