Commonwealth Games 2026

Let’s Bring The Games Home!

Steel to Gold



It’s time to turn
Steel into Gold

The City of Hamilton has been invited to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Hosting the Commonwealth Games in Hamilton will deliver pandemic relief, create jobs, give rise to affordable housing and regenerate our economy.

These re-imagined games will provide this city – our city – with more than just 15 minutes on the world stage. Hosting will provide us with an unprecedented and immediate path to revival.

We’re not just drawing up a game plan. We’re charting our growth plan. The 2026 Commonwealth Games will give those who work, live and love here an opportunity like no other.

This is our moment, Hamilton. It’s our time to win. And turn steel into gold.

In 2026, let’s bring the Games home!

We will work hard to represent the diverse voices of Hamilton by crafting a responsible bid that reflects our community values and builds our future together. Register your support below.

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Birmingham 2022 Games

The organizers of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games have confirmed which local businesses the Games will be working with to deliver the event, as part of £300m (just over $500 million Canadian dollars) worth of contracts. In the past Commonwealth Games, approximately 80% of all contracts were awarded to businesses in the host city/region. The hosting plan for Hamilton 2026 will target a similar level of local expenditures to stage the Games.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (28 July to 8 August) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the West Midlands on the global stage.

Gold Coast 2018 Games


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) is about more than a spectacular sporting event. It is also about the opportunities and benefits that hosting the Commonwealth Games will bring to the Gold Coast and all of Queensland before, during and after the event.

On our journey towards 2018, there will be opportunities for Queenslanders to be involved in the Commonwealth Games through a broad range of legacy projects. While some will compete in GC2018 at the highest level, others will give their time and effort to make the event happen. Some people will be motivated to take up a sport themselves or get involved in their community.

We can all contribute directly or indirectly to building positive and lasting benefits from hosting GC2018. The Embracing 2018 legacy strategy continues to be reviewed and refined to ensure the aspirations of all Games partners are identified. With solid planning before, during and after GC2018, Queensland will continue to benefit from GC2018 long after the Closing Ceremony.